Our secret sauce?

Dad Squads.

Dad Squads are a core part of our community. They are private invite-only groups that form around fathers with something in common. 

Your children's school, local sports clubs, work places or community hubs can all offer Dad Squads. 

These groups are self-directed and self-administered with access to our curated library of content and fathering advocates. This means each group is unique and has their own focus areas in redefining fatherhood.

Active Dad Squads

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


3 Steps to find a Nourishing Fathers Dad Squad:

  1. Join the community at www.NourishingFathers.mn.co

  2. Search for local Dad Squads near you, or with common interests.

  3. Request to join the Dad Squad.


Starting a Dad Squad is awesome for:

  • Schools keen on engaging more dads.

  • Pre-schools wanting to offer fathers something.

  • Workplaces that understand their male staff more holistically.

  • Community groups that need a simple way to keep fathers informed and engaged. 


4 Steps to start a Nourishing Fathers Dad Squad:

  1. Join the community at Nourishing Fathers.

  2. Go to "Dad Squads" in the menu.

  3. Click "+" to create your own squad. 

  4. Invite awesome dads you know are interested.