Our secret sauce?

Dad Squads.

Dad Squads are a core part of our community. They are private invite-only groups that form around fathers with something in common. 

Your children's school, local sports clubs, work places or community hubs can all offer Dad Squads. 

These groups are self-directed and self-administered with access to our curated library of content and fathering advocates. This means each group is unique and has their own focus areas in redefining fatherhood.


3 Steps to find a Nourishing Fathers Dad Squad:

  1. Join the community at www.NourishingFathers.mn.co

  2. Search for local Dad Squads near you, or with common interests.

  3. Request to join the Dad Squad.


Starting a Dad Squad is awesome for:

  • Schools keen on engaging more dads.

  • Pre-schools wanting to offer fathers something.

  • Workplaces that understand their male staff more holistically.

  • Community groups that need a simple way to keep fathers informed and engaged. 


4 Steps to start a Nourishing Fathers Dad Squad:

  1. Join the community at Nourishing Fathers.

  2. Go to "Dad Squads" in the menu.

  3. Click "+" to create your own squad. 

  4. Invite awesome dads you know are interested.


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